Month: October 2019

Tips for teachers dealing with mental health

As teachers, you have a unique relationship with young people and as such are often privy to, or made aware of, when young people are experiencing emotional or mental health issue. Here are a few tips to aiding those students in need. Show you care –  Often students don’t need anything more than someone who… Read more »

Humorous Advice for New Teachers

1. Always learn where the bathrooms are all located. 2. Never tell the kids how old you are. 3. Never, EVER, be SUPER NICE when disciplining a kid. 5. Most important people to get on your side first: custodians. 6. Don’t wear your really cool clothes to school: Your go-to daily wardrobe will consist of… Read more »

Ten Career Tips for Teachers

1. Build a Network Everyone needs support and no one will understand your needs, goals, and struggles like other educators. 2. Try Not to Take it Personally Teaching means that you are exposed to dozens, maybe even hundreds of individuals working through the ups and downs of their own lives. It will be hard –… Read more »