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Ten Career Tips for Teachers

1. Build a Network Everyone needs support and no one will understand your needs, goals, and struggles like other educators. 2. Try Not to Take it Personally Teaching means that you are exposed to dozens, maybe even hundreds of individuals working through the ups and downs of their own lives. It will be hard –… Read more »

Tips For Classroom Management

1: Establish classroom rules immediately 2: Set logical rules and consequences 3: Use positive instead of negative language 4: Make your students feel responsible for their own learning 5: Praise efforts and achievements for their own sake, not for the sake of teacher approval 6: Be mindful of different learning paces 7: Avoid confrontations in… Read more »

10 Tips for Teachers

1 – Get organized Develop an organizational system. Where do things belong? Where are assignments turned in and what is the process for grading, recording and returning work? Structures and defined processes help keep administrative processes of the classroom churning, so they don’t interfere with learning. 2 –Develop classroom rules Establish expectations early on, but… Read more »