Web Easy Grader Updated

We’ve made updates to the web easy grader to eliminated bugs and increase it’s usability. The new version is available at the same link: http://classroomcore.com/grader. The mobile app versions should be available soon.

Creating a table of scores now opens a small calculator that allows teachers to enter a number wrong or use the +/- buttons to calculate an individual score. This follows the Classroom Core philosophy of making all our tools easy to use and providing options so that teachers can use the tools to fit their methods, not have to change to fit the tools.

The Easy Grader was designed with direct input from classroom teachers. It combines all the features they wanted to help get scores for the worksheets, papers and essays they had to grade. It is built to be simple, easy-to-use, and rich with features.

Some of the features are to meet the grading preferences of different teachers – some want to score based on the number of questions a student got correct while others preferred to score on subtracting from the total based on how many student scored incorrect. Other features allow teachers to align the grader with differing grading scales or give them the option of scoring partial credit.

As always, Classroom Core strives to provide all of its tools ad-supported and free of cost to classroom teachers.

The original post about the launch of the web easy grader is here: http://www.classroomcore.com/blog/2019/02/19/web-easy-grader-launched/