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Classroom Core Launches Web GPA Calculator

Classroom Core has launched its latest classroom tool, the web version of the GPA Calculator at http://classroomcore.com/gpa. The calculator is built to assist teachers, counselors, parents and students in computing complex grade point averages. This can be used to calculate GPAs for official records, double-checking the averages generated by other tools, or as a planning… Read more »

Monday Mailbag: What’s this Blog For Anyway?

What’s this Blog for anyway? That is a good question. The answer comes in three parts. 1 We need a way to publish updates about the activity on the site and the tools we’re developing. The best way to do that is with a blog or Content Management System that allows us to post those… Read more »

Web Easy Grader Updated

We’ve made updates to the web easy grader to eliminated bugs and increase it’s usability. The new version is available at the same link: http://classroomcore.com/grader. The mobile app versions should be available soon. Creating a table of scores now opens a small calculator that allows teachers to enter a number wrong or use the +/-… Read more »

Web Easy Grader Launched

The Classroom Core Easy Grader is now available at classroomcore.com/grader. The Easy Grader was designed with direct input from classroom teachers. It combines all the features they wanted to help get scores for the worksheets, papers and essays they had to grade. It is built to be simple, easy-to-use, and rich with features. Some of the… Read more »

Classroom Core is Online

Classroom Core was founded to provide innovative solutions to classroom teachers. We hope to announce our first product soon.