Monday Mailbag: What’s this Blog For Anyway?

What’s this Blog for anyway?

That is a good question. The answer comes in three parts.

1 We need a way to publish updates about the activity on the site and the tools we’re developing. The best way to do that is with a blog or Content Management System that allows us to post those updates and automatically share to our social media channels. This allows us to share important information with our users in the most efficient way possible.

2 Marketing. The blog provides another avenue for individuals to discover our tools and hopefully see the benefits that they offer.

3 To help teachers. The content portion of Classroom Core is still developing, but we hope that eventually it will serve as benefit to teachers, both those that use our tools and those that do not. The technology solutions are going to be prominent because that is our current expertise. That is not the only way that we want to provide value, though, and we hope that this element develops more as Classroom Core grows and matures.