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Tips to close out class

1. Exit Tickets or Tickets to Leave With 5 minutes left in class, present students with a small form that requires them to answer a few questions about the core concepts of the lesson for that class period or gives them space to reflect on what was the most important thing they learned in that… Read more »

Tips to beat cold and flu season

This tips Tuesday was inspired by a member of our team, who is at home with a daughter sick with the flu. 1. Get the flu shot Even in years where the vaccine is not as effective, the flu shot is one of the best ways to prevent infection. 2. Wash your hands – all… Read more »

Five time-saving tips for teachers

Here are five ways to save time in and out of your classroom. 1. Use In and Out boxes to reduce clutter It’s easy to set up In and Out boxes for each of your class periods. They help take the clutter off your desk and create a structure that organizes everything from assignments to… Read more »

Tips for teachers dealing with mental health

As teachers, you have a unique relationship with young people and as such are often privy to, or made aware of, when young people are experiencing emotional or mental health issue. Here are a few tips to aiding those students in need. Show you care –  Often students don’t need anything more than someone who… Read more »

Humorous Advice for New Teachers

1. Always learn where the bathrooms are all located. 2. Never tell the kids how old you are. 3. Never, EVER, be SUPER NICE when disciplining a kid. 5. Most important people to get on your side first: custodians. 6. Don’t wear your really cool clothes to school: Your go-to daily wardrobe will consist of… Read more »

Ten Career Tips for Teachers

1. Build a Network Everyone needs support and no one will understand your needs, goals, and struggles like other educators. 2. Try Not to Take it Personally Teaching means that you are exposed to dozens, maybe even hundreds of individuals working through the ups and downs of their own lives. It will be hard –… Read more »

5 Tips for Professional Development

Read – Subscribe to a professional journal, read educational blogs, or read some literature on education. Start immersing yourself in the profession. Participate – Go to educational conferences or workshops, or attend online seminars. Not only do these give you access to classes and information, they are an opportunity to network and learn from others… Read more »

9 Tips for Classroom Safety

1 Keep Exits Clear. Make sure all classroom exits, both doors and windows, remain clear from obstructions and clutter. 2 Safe Ladder Use. When putting up decorations or accessing materials on high shelves, always use a ladder. Do NOT stand on chairs, stools, or desks. 3 Hang Decorations Properly. Avoid hanging things from light fixtures… Read more »

Tips For Classroom Management

1: Establish classroom rules immediately 2: Set logical rules and consequences 3: Use positive instead of negative language 4: Make your students feel responsible for their own learning 5: Praise efforts and achievements for their own sake, not for the sake of teacher approval 6: Be mindful of different learning paces 7: Avoid confrontations in… Read more »